Sick Building Syndrome

sick building syndromeWhere’s the problem…? Everywhere! Mold, mildew and microbes are the dreaded “M-words” that contaminate indoor environments of all types. They strike fear in the hearts of today’s educators, healthcare professionals, facility managers and parents.

Infestations by these persistent biological pests can result in serious health and financial problems.  Each year “sick building syndrome” affects schools, apartment buildings, offices and hospitals with resistant strains of bacteria (E-coli, MRSA, influenza, etc.). St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration provides diagnostic and remedial services to identify and treat biological pests.

How to Control it?

The best way to fight bacteria, viruses and infectious disease is through prevention. St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration is now an exclusive service provider for mPact Environmental Solutions®.

Using a patented anti-microbial technology first developed by Dow Chemical in the 1970’s, known as AEGIS Microbe Shield®, we electrostatically apply mPale, which bonds to the surface permanently and retains its effectiveness indefinitely unless painted or covered.  mPale is an EPA-registered surface coating which is colorless, odorless and leaves behind a microscopic barrier which leads to years of protection long after the treatment has taken place.

mPale is a “hyper green” product because its unique anti-microbial mechanism does not allow microbes to adapt and build a resistance to its effectiveness.

Our Exclusive Game Plan Service is a 3 step process that diagnoses, treats and prevents contamination problems in any indoor environment. St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration can protect all surfaces from tested fungal, viral and bacterial contaminants.

Advantages of this process over others are:

  • Less invasive. Allows treatment with as little demolition and rebuilding as possible.
  • More effective. Integrated cleaners, disinfectants and antimicrobials are formulated to work together to control contamination.
  • Treatment duration lasts days, not weeks or months, with less disruption.
  • Lower cost. Much less expensive than demolition-based remediation
  • Longer-lasting. mPale does not dissipate over time like other products.
  • More versatile. mPale treats existing contamination but can also be used as a preventative treatment.
  • More efficient. Eletrostatic charge kills microbes and other contaminants unlike poisonous chemicals.
  • Better for the environment. Mechanical treatment means microbes cannot develop resistance.
  • Moisture resistant. mPale is non-soluble in water, so it won’t wash off or become diluted.
  • Multi-purpose. mPale is effective on almost all surfaces and materials, including carpeting, fabrics and countertops.
  • All-inclusive. Our Game Plan service contract includes annual inspections and remediation of any issues found.

Ideal for use in schools, universities, hospitals, urgent care centers, medical buildings, athletic facilities and day care centers. Contact St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration to get your facility healthy once again!

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