Graffiti Removal

graffiti removalOne of the least pleasant aspects of operating a business is graffiti removal and prevention. Businesses often suffer the frustrating and unsightly effects of graffiti and other kinds of vandalism. Removing graffiti requires expert knowledge of substrates and paint types, so it is best removed by a commercial contractor like St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration.

Graffiti is not limited to just businesses. It can be found on the walls, parking lots and driveways of schools, churches, libraries and private homes. Some offenders may propose that it is a form of “artistic creation”, but let’s face it–if it is unwanted, it is nothing short of vandalism. Graffiti and other forms of vandalism are unsightly and can negatively affect the appearance of a building, street, neighborhood, or entire town.

Acting quickly and using the most appropriate tools, it is possible to remove spray paint and graffiti from the majority of surfaces; something that we are especially skilled and experienced in. In addition to power washers and mechanical brooms, we also employ soda blasting and dry ice blasting to remove even the most stubborn and difficult instances of graffiti.

Vandalism cleanup services from St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration are not limited to the removal of spray paint graffiti on walls and the exterior of buildings. We also remove graffiti from pavements, driveways, and roads.

Empty, unoccupied properties are often the targets of vandals; we can cleanup extensive vandalism on these properties. These services not only help to improve the look and overall appeal of the specific property but the surrounding area too. Even historic buildings that need preservation and more delicate methods of graffiti removal can be carefully cleaned and restored to their former glory.

Most industrial and commercial facilities have a block or metal exterior, and the type of material can impact the best way to remove graffiti. In addition, the type of paint or marker used to create the graffiti also changes the way it should be removed. St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration knows the best way to treat each situation without damaging the walls or surfaces.

Metal, wood, plastic, glass, and masonry surfaces can all be subject to graffiti, which can be cleaned and restored with professional help from St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration. There are various methods of graffiti removal. The method used will depend on the type of surface to be treated. While a pressure washer may be the best solution for cleaning metal surfaces, driveways and pavements may require a more rigorous solution such as soda blasting.


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