Workplace Bathroom Cleaning Services

Workplace Bathroom Cleaning ServicesThe restrooms in the office, warehouse, retail store or other commercial building are, without a doubt, the biggest concern when it comes to building maintenance and cleanliness. Studies have shown that bacteria and viruses originating in an unsanitized restroom can make their way throughout the building, spreading illness and infection to its inhabitants. To make matters worse, traditional cleaning tools seldom eliminate these pathogens, but instead merely spread them around to other surfaces.

Don’t let your workplace restroom deteriorate into an eyesore and become home to all manner of stains, germs, and damage. We maintain the same of level of quality in workplace bathroom cleaning services as we do with every other part of your facility. Let us provide regularly scheduled restroom cleanings in order to remove and prevent harmful stains and bacteria build-up. Trust us to sanitize your bathroom from top to bottom and provide the level of hygiene and safety that will give you, your employees, and your customers peace of mind!

What should be included in your commercial bathroom cleaning?

Since every fixture, wall, faucet, sink, and other surface has the potential to carry germs, St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration has a cleaning checklist to include:

  • Toilets and urinals must be cleaned and sanitized regularly to keep them looking and smelling fresh. The handles on the fixtures need special attention as people not only use them with their germy hands, but sometimes activate them with their feet.
  • Stalls, cubicles, and areas near urinals must also be sanitized as people have touched the surfaces after using the restroom.
  • The faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel holders near sinks are frequent touch points for people with germy hands and need frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Floors, whether they are made of vinyl or ceramic tile, need frequently sweeping and mopping. Grout between ceramic tiles accumulates dirt and bacteria and occasionally needs the attention of a cylindrical brush floor machine.

Certified Cleaners Make a Difference!

St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as a Clean-Trust certified company. An independent, nonprofit organization, the IICRC sets the standards for the cleaning industry and offers training on new techniques and safety guidelines, which is backed by the latest scientific research. Our hard surface, commercial cleaning company complies with all guides set by the IICRC to ensure top care for your flooring.

You can rest assured that a qualified team is attending to your facility. All of our staff have certifications in advanced cleaning techniques for all types of surfaces and continue to seek further training and certifications. This enables our crew to maintain a high level of quality within our company and for our customers.

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