Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning

Ground in dirt, spills, odors, pet dander, and dust can make furniture upholstery dull and looking aged. The same abrasive dirt particles that wear down your carpeting also wear down your upholstery. St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration uses the same hot water extraction method used to clean your carpet and area rugs to bring life back to your furnishings and draperies. Draperies and furniture can be cleaned in your home or office–no need to move it. We recommend upholstery cleaning every 6 months to prolong the life of your furniture.

  • St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration performs services on all types of upholstery and draperies, including the most delicate natural fibers and colors.
  • Our products and processes are safe for you, your children, and your pets.
  • Most fabrics dry and are ready to use in one to three hours.
  • Unlike most other cleaning processes, our method and materials leave no dirt-attracting residues.
  • Our technicians are highly trained and certified with The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC), which is a certification and Standards Developing Organization (SDO) non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.. This will let you know that your furniture will receive the specialized care it needs.
  • The Steam temperature of our cleaning process at 190 + degrees, coupled with our powerful vacuum system, will kill and remove dust mites, bed bugs and their feces from your upholstered items.
  • Once your professional upholstery cleaning is finished, our cleaning professional will thoroughly inspect what they have cleaned, and make sure that everything meets your approval.

Fabric Protection

Unprotected fabrics, especially delicate natural fibers, are particularly prone to premature soiling and permanent staining, our fabric protection process provides an excellent soil and stain retardant that allows you to more easily remove common household spots and spills in between professional cleanings. our fabric protection helps keep all of your upholstered fabrics looking clean, staying clean, and lasting longer.

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