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Mold Remediation St Louis

Mold Behind Fabric

When moisture is present, molds can grow on virtually any substance and people are more susceptible to the health effects of microbial growth, especially when it is contained in an indoor environment. Prompt attention to water damage or visible mold, and immediate mold remediation and clean up, can often keep a minor problem from becoming major, and can help guard against health issues and property damage.

By the time mold becomes visible to the naked eye, you are facing an infestation that requires professional attention. Our carpet cleaning company specializes in mold removal and remediation services. We follow a routine that is second to none. We never cut corners in this critical process, so you know your home is fully restored once we have completed your mold remediation in St. Louis, MO.

Though mold is usually visible to the naked eye, its rate of growth is hardly never predictable. Our step-­by-­step mold remediation routine is second to none. Each step in our process is critical to the removal of every spore that blooms with time.

From containment to content cleaning, to environment stabilization, you can trust St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration to provide a comprehensive solution to any mold issues.


St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration uses only the highest quality HEPA filtration equipment to treat and abate microbial contamination.

"This company completed a mold remediation project inside of HVAC duct work for me and they did a great job at a very reasonable cost."

Ken E.

6 Steps to Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

1. Inspection & Assessment

St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration technicians have the experience and tools to determine the scope of the damage and provide accurate assessments as well as action plans for removal.

We begin by consulting with you, your insurance company and indoor environmental professionals. An assessment is made of ambient conditions including moisture content and humidity levels. This will determine:

  • if a loss is indicated
  • the cause of the loss
  • remediation Scope of Work, and
  • a cost estimate for removal.

Once the estimate is accepted, work can begin quickly.

2. Containment and Health & Safety

Containment barriers are constructed to prevent the spread of mold spores and mycelial fragments to unaffected areas of your home or office. To protect the health of our technicians, they always wear protective clothing and full-­face respirators. The affected areas are placed under negative pressurization with HEPA filtration to remove spores that become airborne during the remediation process.

3. Contents

Contents from affected areas will be sealed and removed to the St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration restoration facility for cleaning. All articles will be inventoried and recorded. Your items can be stored and returned to your home or office when the remediation and rebuild is complete.

4. Structure

Technicians will first stabilize the environment to control moisture levels, if necessary. Areas with heavy mold growth will be cleaned, sanded, HEPA vacuumed or removed as necessary.

5. Air System

If microbial growth is on a non­porous surface within your air system, our technicians use our proprietary equipment to clean and treat the system with an anti-­microbial solution.

6. Clearance Testing

Your home or office will be ready for reconstruction once environmental testing has been successfully completed. We make sure to cover every base to leave your home or office in top condition once the mold removal service is complete.

Call the Professional Saint Louis Mold Remediation Experts

If you suspect mold is present in your home or business, call St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration. We have a team of knowledgeable and trained technicians who will make sure the mold is completely eradicated and get your premises safe and healthy once more.

In an attempt to slow the spread of the corona virus, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration is now offering COVID-19 cleaning for commercial businesses