July 13

Disaster Planning for Your Business

By Kevin Finn

July 13, 2016

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12 Ways to Disaster-Proof Your Business

disaster planningDisaster recovery planning is vital to minimize the potentially damaging effects of a major incident. While disaster recovery planning can seem like one of those tasks to push to the bottom of your to-do list, it’s not something you should delay. Instead, make it a priority today to avoid having serious regrets in the future. Here are twelve steps you can take to make your business more disaster proof.

1. Get Insurance for Your Business

All business owners need to get insurance. If the worst does happen and you have no insurance policy in place, you will be in an extremely difficult position and you may not be able to get your business back up and running. Look into property insurance as well as business interruption insurance.

2. Have a Plan B

If your workplace is so badly damaged you can’t conduct business, where are your employees going to be based? Is it feasible for them to work from home in the interim? If so, is there technology in place for them to connect to your servers? Alternatively, have you considered renting an optional workspace while your office is being recovered? If your business has multiple locations, is it possible for you to temporarily relocate to one of the other offices? These are questions that you should have answers for before disaster strikes.

3. Keep a Written Record of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

In times of crisis, it’s good to have something you can depend on to guide you through the steps to recovery. Think of all the possible disasters that could affect your business including fires and floods, and plan out exactly what would be your course of action. That way if the worst ever does happen, you will be able to refer to your disaster recovery plan to restore order to your business. Your plan should also include the steps you’ll take to move employees out of harm’s way and what situations may require you to temporarily shut down your business. Another factor to consider ahead of time is who you will use to repair your workplace. Be reassured that we offer experienced and reliable fire restoration, mold removal, or water restoration services in St Louis.

4. Build an Emergency Kit for Your Business

Create an emergency kit to help your personnel during an emergency crisis. This kit should include the following essential

  • Water — for drinking and sanitation, allow for three gallons per person to last three days
  • Food — enough non-perishable food for three days
  • Can opener
  • First – Aid kit
  • Radio – battery-powered
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Whistle – to use as a signal for help
  • Dust mask to filter dangerous air
  • Wrench or pliers in case utilities have to be turned off

5. Back Up All Data

Many businesses these days choose to use cloud-based storage. This means that all files are backed up to a secure location and data is kept safe. In the event of a disaster, the only things you’ll need to access your information are a network connection and the correct hardware. If your servers are located on-site, it is vital that you back up all your files at an off-site location every night. This shields your business from experiencing a major data loss in an extreme situation. Critical records including customer lists, employee data, accounting information, and inventory should all be backed up. Copies of these documents should be stored in a separate location or maintained by an online data backup service.

6. Choose Backup Suppliers and Vendors

In addition to backing up your data, you may wish to select alternative suppliers and vendors in case their businesses are also impacted by a disaster. The backup vendors’ information can be kept in the disaster recovery plan.

7. Have A Designated Evacuation Point

To ensure the safety of all your staff members and any visitors, choose an evacuation point which is a safe distance from your office. Educate your staff with signage and evacuation drills so that everyone knows the proper procedure to follow during an emergency. In addition to a building evacuation plan, consider including shelter protocol for severe weather. The safety and psychological wellbeing of your company’s employees should be at the top of your disaster recovery plan list.

8. Manage Incoming Telephone Calls

Telecommunication is a key factor in any disaster recovery plan. Ensuring your customers and suppliers can still contact you, even during difficult circumstances, should be a priority. You may want to plan ahead and set up your business line to forward any calls to a designated cell phone number during an emergency.

9. Plan Ahead to Replace Damaged Equipment

In the event of a fire, flood, or another disaster crucial business equipment is likely to be damaged. This can include expensive technology like computers and machinery. Factor the relevant cost and timescales into your plan so that you can resume your normal daily business operations as swiftly as possible.

10. Remember Time is of the Essence

In business, lost time is lost money. You need to recover your business as quickly as possible and keep any gaps in service to a minimum. Having contingency plans in place will make the recovery process quicker and smoother.

11. Review Your Plan Regularly

Circumstances within your business are likely to change over time. You may employ more staff; your workforce may reduce or you might relocate your premises. It is helpful, therefore, to set a regular review of your disaster recovery plan. This is an opportunity to ensure that everything in the plan is still the best course of action for your business. It is also a chance to add any new information, update key contacts and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan you have in place.

12. Choose A Reliable Company for Fire Restoration, Mold Removal, and Water Restoration in St Louis

When you’re in a crisis situation, you need to have people you can rely on to help. At St. Louis Restoration and Cleaning, we have nearly fifty years of experience so you know you can depend on us in your time of need. We offer fire damage restoration, mold removal, and water restoration in St Louis. If disaster strikes your business, contact us right away. We will be at your service quickly to help get your business back on track.

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