Commercial Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

A commercial kitchen can accumulate grease and odors very quickly, depending on the types and amount of cooking that is done there. These particles are extracted from the area through the exhaust system so they don’t stay in the kitchen, accumulate on surfaces, or waft into other areas of the building.

When a commercial kitchen hood is operating properly, the grease and odors are pulled into the exhaust system and filters through the kitchen hood. If these components are not cleaned regularly, they will cease working, causing the grease and smells to stay in the kitchen and surrounding area. Even worse, dirty exhaust systems can be a fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 11,000 fires occur annually in commercial kitchens, resulting in over $160 million in damage. 

Advantages of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Routine kitchen hood cleaning reduces keeps them working properly business compliant with NFPA 96, which is a set of codes and standards for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations by the National Fire Protection Association. These are the standards that fire marshals follow and commercial cooking operations are required to adhere to.

Keeping your exhaust system and hood clean will extend its life and also help to comply with state and local health and building code requirements. It keeps the proper airflow within the kitchen and makes for a cooler and cleaner environment for the workers and customers.

In addition, having your kitchen exhaust system regularly cleaned will keep you compliant with roofing warranties, as it reduces premature roof decay and damage that can occur from rooftop grease. It may even reduce your insurance premiums.

Get Your Commercial Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Professionally Cleaned

St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration offers commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaning services that will keep your kitchen free from odors and grease. Since it’s very important to maintain a consistently clean kitchen, it’s a great idea to schedule a regular cleaning plan so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Our cleaning process includes:

  • Cleaning and polishing the hood inside and out

  • Cleaning the filters and the area behind the filters

  • Cleaning and scraping the ducts, where accessible, and/or install access panels if needed

  • Cleaning the fan blades and fan housing where accessible, and/or install hinge kits if needed

Don’t risk health code violations because your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust are grimy and smelly. Even more importantly, avoid fire hazards and other safety and health concerns. We will make sure the kitchen hood and exhaust in your university, hospital, or government facility passes muster and performs as it should. Keep your commercial kitchen clean and safe by scheduling your cleaning today!

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