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Your commercial carpet is a significant investment and is a big factor in the overall image of your business. The need to implement a maintenance program from the beginning is very important. 

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Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

A consistent and effective carpet maintenance program can maintain the initial quality of the carpet and dramatically extend the life of your investment. There are many valid reasons to clean and maintain your commercial carpet. The incentive for an effective cleaning and maintenance program is to recognize these activities contribute to the following:  

  • Allows for the healthy reuse of space and materials  

  • Maintains the value of property and reduces the rate of depreciation

  • Contributes directly to personal security, comfort, and productivity

  • Accents aesthetics  

A clean environment is sanitary. When sanitary conditions exist, an adverse health effect is unlikely. The recommended cleaning to provide a sanitary environment calls for frequent vacuuming and periodic professional deep cleaning that emphasizes the removal of foreign substances while minimizing residue.

What a Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program Should Include

A commercial carpet maintenance program should be established as soon as the new carpeting is installed. The differences in cleaning frequencies and target areas can vary, depending on traffic volume, type of business, activity, etc. 

Any carpet maintenance plan should include the following five elements: 

  1. Soil Prevention – isolation or containment of soil by proper mat placement and interior and exterior hard surface maintenance 

  2. Routine Vacuuming – scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil  

  3. Routine Spot and Spill Removal System - using professional spot removal techniques.  

  4. Interim Maintenance System Cleaning Systems – scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas.  

  5. Deep Cleaning Systems– scheduled frequent deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils.  

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning 

The maintenance of your commercial carpet can be a challenge. Daily vacuuming can help but is not enough. Attempting to clean the carpet yourself can be difficult because you may not know the right tools and products to use for the best results. This is why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best option. 

At St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration, we offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning services to ensure your business is sanitary and looks good. When you have your commercial carpets professionally cleaned, it not only creates a great impression for your clients, it will also extend the lifespan of the carpet.  In addition, it will help you maintain a healthy and clean environment for everyone. 

We use industrial-use proprietary chemicals and cleaning supplies to clean and restore all types of carpets and hard flooring surfaces. We can even clean your fine area rugs. We use a patented recirculating system that keeps clean, hot water moving through the carpet fibers and hot water extraction techniques to eliminate dirt and bacteria. 

A clean carpet benefits the image of your company and the health of your employees. Cleaning the carpet regularly is one of many ways to improve your workspace. Having a professional, commercial carpet cleaning company will help keep your business looking clean and contribute to a healthier environment.

St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration is locally owned and operated. You can rest easy knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to protect your investment. We deliver outstanding results and exemplary service.

Residential and commercial customers throughout the St. Louis area have turned to us for assistance because we offer comprehensive work along with impressive results. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and we've been delivering solutions since 1968. Call us today for more information.

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